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  • Blog Post: Try.Fail.Learn.Improve

    Try.Fail.Learn.Improve. That has been the signature on my e-mail for the past few months. It is intended to be both enlightening and provocative. It emphasizes that we won't get things right the first time. That it is okay to fail as long as we don't fail repeatedly in the same way. Try.Fail.Learn.Improve...
  • Blog Post: Prerequisites to Data Driven Quality

    A previous post introduced the concept of data driven quality. Moving from traditional, up-front testing to data driven quality is not easy. It is not possible to take just any product and start utilizing this method. In addition to cultural changes, there are several technical requirements on the product...
  • Blog Post: Data Driven Quality

    My last three posts have explained how test lost its way. It evolved from advocates of the user to a highly efficient machine for producing test results, verifying correctness as determined by a specification. Today, test can find itself drowning in a sea of results which aren't correlated with any discernible...
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