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  • Blog Post: Appendix A – Definitions

    Appendix A – Definitions Accidentals Accidentals are the sharp/flat/natural ( ♯ / ♭ / ♮ ) symbols in a note’s name. A note with either no accidentals or with a natural symbol in its name is natural . Each sharp or flat symbol in a note’s name indicates that the note has been sharpened or flattened respectively...
  • Blog Post: SxS Managed COM With Manifest Resource (WinXP and Win2K3)

    This article is now superseded by the "Registration-Free Activation of .NET-Based Components: A Walkthrough" MSDN article. Please see the MSDNography links section.
  • Blog Post: Music Training. Part I. Fundamentals (i)

    Voices - your songwriting studio Welcome to Voices! Before you learn how to use the software to write great songs you’ll need to know, at a minimum, some music theory and sight-reading essentials. I believe you’ll also need to understand the principles which have made your favorite Western art music...
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