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Welcome to my humble node on the internet...

My name is Stephen Fisher, and I'm a developer in the TabletPC team at Microsoft. Specifically, I'm part of the team which ships the TabletPC Platform SDK, including the digital ink recognizers, the digital ink API (including the Microsoft.Ink .NET namespace), and a set of developer samples.

Coincidentally, I just noticed some posts in a couple blogs requesting more involvement from the TabletPC product team for developers. Thanks for the interest. Traditionally, the product team has been very active on web-based message boards and in various newsgroups - some of us have even been known to sit in bed with their TabletPCs at 3am answering posts - the warm glow of the screen keeping spouses from too much r.e.m..

My main focus is on the technical end of the TabletPC (API development and engineering), but you'll find all manner of TabletPC related material and links on this blog. Please feel free to use the category links at left to filter my ramblings - I hope most posts are mildly useful (living in the shadow of Chris, ya' know), but my feelings won't be hurt if you don't sync to “Random Drivel“ after this post.

Boilerplate Personal Stuff

I've been at Microsoft nearly 5 years - the first three in the Speech technology group, and the last 2 in TabletPC.

In Speech, I worked on multi-modal speech interface research (MSR), shipped the Microsoft Speech API (5.0 and 5.1 SDKs), and built a speech-enabled Media Player plugin for Windows XP Plus! Pack. I wrote a great deal of the documentation on CFG support in the SAPI 5 SDK and have been active in both the Speech and TabletPC newsgroups (in case you have questions about Speech with SAPI ).

As far as business card-style job titles go, I was a Software Design Engineer in Test (QA and tools at Microsoft) while in Speech, and I'm currently a Software Design Engineer (software developer) in TabletPC. Bottom line is I eat, breath, and dream source code (well except when I'm critiquing directors or building with LEGO brick).

This blog will be primarily focused on TabletPC, with a leaning towards developer support. However, don't be surprised if I slip in the odd comment on speech support, .NET in general, or my other favorite topic - developing secure code. I'm a hacker at heart and my Outlook inbox is subscribed to about 30 distribution lists - over 1000 email a day filtered with custom Exchange rules - so I try to keep my typing fingers in all sorts of pies.