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Below the abstraction layer

August, 2004

  • Stephen Fisher

    Outlook item selection with a pen

    Kent Compton ( ) provided a tip on how to select multiple Outlook items with a TabletPC pen (e.g. deleting email). "Here's what I do for deleting/marking read/etc. contiguous emails: 1) Hover your mouse just on the inside...
  • Stephen Fisher

    Ink signatures in Outlook using Word

    One of the Microsoft Office program managers passed along some handy steps for creating an ink signature in Word for use in Outlook. NOTE: Make sure that when you create the signature in Microsoft Word using "ink drawing and writing" ( not "ink annotations...
  • Stephen Fisher

    Resources for developing as non-admin (LUA)

    Here's a couple resources (some older and some newer) that should be useful for those of you looking to protect your base system from accidental or malicious modification. Developing as Non-Admin [in Visual Studio.NET]:
  • Stephen Fisher

    How time flies... and returns like Mordecai

    You'll have to pardon me for falling off the planet for the last (almost a year). No, I wasn't hit by a bus, although it was a wild ride! The last time I posted, we [the TabletPC Avalon Platform team] were about to commit some substantive changes to the...
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