You'll have to pardon me for falling off the planet for the last (almost a year). No, I wasn't hit by a bus, although it was a wild ride!

The last time I posted, we [the TabletPC Avalon Platform team] were about to commit some substantive changes to the TabletPC platform object model for Longhorn/Avalon. To be frank, the 'commitment' was fairly involved and my blogging time dissipated almost immediately. After those changes took effect, I went on paternity leave with my son, and helped out the TabletPC group in some new customer/community and development infrastructure areas. Over the last 6 months, I was fortunate enough to work with Philip Su (you might have noticed his momentous splash in the blog scene).

So, what's the big news that led to my emergence from hibernation? I'm quite excited to announce my new job [still at Microsoft] within the Common Language Runtime Security team - developing Whidbey and Longhorn features. I've only been here a couple weeks, so there's not much that I can say yet about upcoming work. However, for those of you wondering about life in the CLR team or questions for the security team - why not ask "the new guy"?

Other blogging folks in the CLR Security team include Shawn Farkas (current Tester), Greg Fee (past Developer), and Ivan Medvedev (past Tester).

To add a bit of parasitic spice to the mix, if you have any questions for Jim Hugunin (no blog quite yet) about dynamic languages, IronPython or joining Microsoft, I'd be happy to interupt him as he's sitting a few feet from me. <grin>