One of the Microsoft Office program managers passed along some handy steps for creating an ink signature in Word for use in Outlook.

    NOTE: Make sure that when you create the signature in Microsoft Word using "ink drawing and writing" (not "ink annotations") and use a filled-in canvas background (e.g. white). The default is transparent, which will display the ink as anti-aliased.

        Detailed instructions:
   1. In Outlook, go to Tools | Options | Mail Format tab
   2. Press the Signatures button at the bottom of the dialog
   3. Press the New button in the Create Signature dialog
   4. Name the signature and choose "Start with a blank signature"
   5. Choose Next
   6. Choose Advanced Edit button on the Edit Signature dialog
   7. Choose Yes to launch Word
   8. In Word, choose Insert | Picture | Ink Drawing and Writing
   9. Ink your signature in the canvas
   10. Choose Stop Inking button on the Ink Drawing and Writing toolbar
   11. Set the canvas fill to be white
      1. The user can either:
         1. Right-click on canvas and choose Format Drawing Canvas, then choose White on the Fill color picker
         2. Double-click on canvas, which brings up the Format Drawing Canvas dialog, choose White on Fill color picker
         3. If the Drawing toolbar is up, choose White from the Fill color split button
      2. TIP (for user, which you may or may not want to put in the topic): If you are using a colored email stationary, you may want to choose a Drawing Canvas Fill color that more closely matches your stationary.

        After this, the steps are the same as with all signature files: Close Word, save the changes, and the signature file is saved in Outlook.

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