My 5-year anniversary just came and went (I would have completely forgotten except for the nifty swag) on November 22nd. I now own one of those groovy silver clocks with multiple time-zones and my name and anniversary engraved across the front.

It's pretty common in MS to send out anniversary emails that detail the employee count, major product releases, and for old geezers, the non-split stock price for the starting year. In my case, I was just excited to be working on cool technology, so I didn't pay attention to the rest. I do remember running NT4 and after a long year of nag-mails from execs, I begrudgingly upgraded my dev box to a Win2000 beta. I can certainly admit that I had no good reason to avoid the upgrade except I didn't want to deal with even the slightest UX tweaks. At least I had empathy for consumers :)

Not much to say yet about my CLR security features - waiting for Whidbey Beta-2 so I can speak up.

In the meantime, please offer patronage to Shawn [CLR Security Tester] for his amazing security blog: