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  • Blog Post: The silver clock

    My 5-year anniversary just came and went (I would have completely forgotten except for the nifty swag) on November 22nd. I now own one of those groovy silver clocks with multiple time-zones and my name and anniversary engraved across the front. It's pretty common in MS to send out anniversary emails...
  • Blog Post: How time flies... and returns like Mordecai

    You'll have to pardon me for falling off the planet for the last (almost a year). No, I wasn't hit by a bus, although it was a wild ride! The last time I posted, we [the TabletPC Avalon Platform team] were about to commit some substantive changes to the TabletPC platform object model for Longhorn/Avalon...
  • Blog Post: So this is a TabletPC Blog, eh?

    Boilerplate Welcome mat: Welcome to my humble node on the internet... My name is Stephen Fisher, and I'm a developer in the TabletPC team at Microsoft. Specifically, I'm part of the team which ships the TabletPC Platform SDK, including the digital ink recognizers, the digital ink API (including...
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