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  • Blog Post: TabletPC for a security consultant

    Ok - I admit we didn't do much direct marketing of the TabletPC in security circles, but that doesn't mean security circles wouldn't love one just the same. Dana performs a post-mortem on a Toshiba Portege TabletPC purchase .
  • Blog Post: Outlook item selection with a pen

    Kent Compton ( ) provided a tip on how to select multiple Outlook items with a TabletPC pen (e.g. deleting email). "Here's what I do for deleting/marking read/etc. contiguous emails: 1) Hover your mouse just on the inside of the line that divides your folders and email (see...
  • Blog Post: Ink signatures in Outlook using Word

    One of the Microsoft Office program managers passed along some handy steps for creating an ink signature in Word for use in Outlook. NOTE: Make sure that when you create the signature in Microsoft Word using "ink drawing and writing" ( not "ink annotations") and use a filled-in canvas background (e.g...
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