OK, I've written some code that will run unattended at a set interval on a server. After doing what it needs to do, it sends out an email of a status report to the necessary parties. I want to use Outlook for this mainly because other parts of the code use Office products and I can leverage their common object model for easily adding new features if necessary in the future. Plus, I had written a Outlook toolbar before and was familiar with how things work. But, there is a security feature in the latest version of Outlook which prevents it from allowing a program to send mail  (and do just about anything else) without human interaction. This is taken care of by a dialog asking if it's OK that a program is trying to send mail on your behalf. Outlook even disables the Yes button for a few seconds so you actually think about it before just quickly clicking Yes. With the internet being what it is, this is a useful feature that can prevent crazy things from happening, but is there any kind of way around this for scenarios such as the one I just described? I've gotten a few ideas from friends but a few more wouldn't hurt.


P.S. I'm thinking about this at 2am because it is too hot to sleep. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!