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  • Blog Post: Scaling Up with STM.NET

    Aviad Ezra posted a nice piece to his blog about STM.NET. He goes into considerable depth discussing both the productivity benefits of STM when writing applications and our implementation. It's a great read:
  • Blog Post: STM.NET Contracts aka Access Modifiers for Transactional Memory

    (by Sukhdeep Sodhi) Now that we’ve released STM.NET into the wild some of you may want to go beyond the simple ‘Hello World’ example* and start writing more sophisticated applications. There are a lot of excellent research ideas on transactional memory. However, as Sasha likes to say “building...
  • Blog Post: STM.NET Released!

    I hope everyone saw Soma’s announcement that STM.NET is now live on MSDN Devlabs ! We have been talking about software transactional memory for some time now. Last year my Ch9 interview I mentioned we were looking to work with customers under a non-disclosure agreement; but now you can experiment...
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