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October, 2004

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    MSDN Connected Systems Deep Dive - Resources

    As promised, here’s a list of resources I mentioned during my Connected Systems MSDN Deep Dive presentation and should help get you started… [UPDATE: Here's a link to Simon's WSE Trace tool I used during the WSE demo] Web Services, Web Services Architecture...
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    Indigo briefing

    [UPDATE: Check out Don, Doug, Richard and Eric on the latest .NET Show talking about Connected Systems - highly recommended! ] Last week I was in Redmond attending an internal session on Indigo and it was amazing!! Don Box 's talk was awesome as usual...
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    The return of the MSDN Deep Dives!! This time - Connected Systems

    It's that time o' year again! Halloween? nah fo'get halloween, I'm talkin' about the oh so popular MSDN Deep Dives!! The theme this time is on Connected Systems which is very cool as this is where my main interests are. The idea behind the format of this...
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    The Bloggers Guide to Biztalk

    If you're into BizTalk 2004, you've gotta have a look at this cool help file (.chm) that was put together by a bunch of BizTalk Bloggers (and according to the doc it'll be updated on a monthly basis). Very cool idea as you'll see the content reads very...
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