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  • Blog Post: seewindowsvista.com and congrats to CDN ISV 90 degree software for being highlighted on the site!

    Man I'm stoked about this - this is so cool... Check out www.seewindowsvista.com (very innovative look and feel to this site and features a walking talking Tom Skerrit highlighting various solutions on Vista/WinFX). So yes, the site is cool. However, the reason I'm so excited is the fact that one...
  • Blog Post: Guy & the "Art of Partnering"

    Man, Guy Kawasaki has been absolutely rippin' up the blogging world over the last month. Check out this post on the Art of Partnering . My two favorite snippets: "Partner for Spreadsheet reasons... Here's a quick test: Will you recalculate the spreadsheet model of your financial projections if the...
  • Blog Post: "Ready to Rocket" 2006 list is out

    I see my friends over at Rocket Builders have released their annual "Ready to Rocket" 2006 list . There's some great companies on the list. I've had the pleasure of knowing a few of them very well and they are doing some very innovative things. Colligo Networks Inc. www.colligo.com - Colligo has...
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