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  • Blog Post: Mix08 Keynotes - Ray Ozzie, Scott Guthrie, Dean Hachamovitch, Guy Kawasaki, Steve Ballmer

    Ray Ozzie Keynote   Guy Kawasaki and Steve Ballmer Keynotes   Some keynote snippets: "Web Developers! Web Developers! Web Developers!"   "Softball" question from Guy Kawasaki to kick off the Q&A with Steve Ballmer   Ballmer on Windows Server and PHP "For...
  • Blog Post: Hello Bonjour Hola Ciao こんにちは Hallo 你好

    Have you checked out Windows Live Translator Beta yet? I absolutely love the UI features! My wife and I have been all over Latin America and I everywhere we go I pick up a local newspaper everyday and in the evening I kick back with a cerveza or two and my "dictionario" and see what sense I could make...
  • Blog Post: Online Services Strategy Manager... What the heck does that mean?

    Hello blog, long time no write... For those of you who haven't heard, last year I took on a new role at Microsoft Canada as Strategy Manager for Search and Online Services. It's a very cool job as it spans a LOT of product teams, technologies and business units at Microsoft. At the same time, it's a...
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