After many months of tough developing and testing, we've done it!  With the release of Vista RC1 came the first official release of the WDK.  We've done our best to ensure that logoing a storage device is a pleasant, painless experience, but we know we're not perfect, and bugs may exist.  As a result we would like to start this blog in order to inform our customers of any issues that arise, provide tips for avoiding these, and give suggestions to streamline the testing.

Since release we have already seen some automation problems appear with testing remvoable devices.  The IFS test is a high level file system test that formats the drive using a number of different file systems then tries to excercise all of the file system APIs on the formatted drive.  Between each test phase is a formatting phase.  Normally the formatting phase would not require user input because we pipe in the response to questions posed by format.  This feature was working incorrectly in some cases and the test still requires user input.  Format will ask the user to insert new media when it formats the drive.  Please ignore this request and hit enter.  We have fixed this problem in an internal build and it will go out with the next release of DTM.

Another issue we have seen is with the iSCSI Boot Firmware test.  This test applies to the iSCSI Boot Component logo program (not HBA or any of the targets).  The test is trying to execute as a user that does not have an account on the client machine.  In order to work around this bug you need to add the user as an Administrator on the client machine.
The user's account name is DTMShareUser and its password can be found by running the following command line on a client machine:

C:\>wttcmd /getlogicaluser /localname:llu_nao           
    LLU Name        : llu_nao                          
    UserName        : WDKCONTROLLER\DTMShareUser       
    Password        : Server2003,WTT26894ShareUser     

Everything after "Password        : " is the users password.  You can add the user as an administrator by running the following commands (enter the password you got earlier when prompted).

C:\>net user DTMShareUser * /add                        
Type a password for the user:                           
Retype the password to confirm:                         
The command completed successfully.                     
C:\>net localgroup Administrators  DTMShareUser /add    
The command completed successfully.                     


With this change made the test should run and complete without any problem.  Again, we have fixed this internally but the build won't be available for some time.

Good luck testing, everyone!  We will be at the Plugfest in Redmond next week, we hope to see you there.