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August, 2005

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    Software Factories workshop at OOPSLA


    Jack Greenfield asked me to mention that the organizing committee have extended the deadline for submission of position papers to the software factories workshop being held at OOPSLA05. 26th August is the new deadline.

    Unfortunately I won't be at OOPSLA this year, as I'm general chair for the MoDELS conference in Jamaica, and I don't want to take any more time away from getting our V1 of DSL Tools out the door. There are some good workshops there too, including a workshop on model transformation for which I'm on the programme committee. Better get your skates on though - the submission deadline for that is August 15th, next Monday!

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    Jobs available

     The Database Developer Tools team based in Redmond is hiring developers, testers and program managers. We are looking for people experienced in building developer tools. This is a great opportunity to work on a V1. Experience with database development is desirable but not a requirement. Contact ABloesch at

    Also the DSL Tools team is looking for new graduates to be developers in Cambridge, UK. Contact Steve Cook if you are interested.

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    Edward Bakker's blog on using DSL Tools (& V1 planning)


    Edward Bakker has been blogging his experience of using DSL Tools:

    This is great feedback for us. Edward, rest assured that we are fixing the "keeping dd in synch with dmd" problem for the V1 release, as one of the many things that we'll be doing.

    Indeed, the reason I've been a little quiet on my blog recently is because we have been engaged in an intense period of planning, nailing down the scenarios and feature set that we'll be targeting for V1. I hope to be able to post a roadmap to V1, with some details of those features and scenarios fairly soon after I get back from vacation - should be early September.

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