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May, 2010

  • Stuart Leeks

    ASP.NET MVC - Creating a DropDownList helper for enums

    Do the types you work with in your ASP.NET MVC models ever have enums? Mine do from time to time and I’ve found myself needing to render a dropdown list to allow the user to select the enum value. For the purposes of this post, I will be working with...
  • Stuart Leeks

    Collections and ASP.NET MVC Templated Helpers – Part 4

    This is part of a mini-series: Part 1 – Define the problem & give a workaround Part 2 – Show an alternative workaround Part 3 – Show a reusable, simple solution Part 4 – Replacing Object.ascx My last post showed how to implement a custom model metadata...
  • Stuart Leeks

    Javascript Coding Standards

    I recently worked with my colleague Simon Ince to assemble some coding standards for javascript. Simon has a good blog post summarising the standards which are available online as Ajax Control Toolkit Coding Standards (also as a download ).
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