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Stuart Leeks - Application Development Consultant

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  • Blog Post: Importing Windows Azure Virtual Machines into Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDC Man)

    After my last post I started thinking about the fact that you could use PowerShell to retrieve the server name and port information. From there it was a short step to automatically creating a configuration file for Remote Desktop Connection Manager that contains all of the Virtual Machines for an Azure...
  • Blog Post: ASP.NET Identity and Windows Azure Table Storage

    In case you haven’t heard, ASP.NET Identity is the new kid on the block for handling user identity, and replaces ASP.NET Membership, Simple Membership and Universal Membership. It is built on top of OWIN which positions it well for the future of ASP.NET. If you’re not familiar with ASP.NET...
  • Blog Post: Using Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDC Man) with Windows Azure Virtual Machines

    UPDATE: I've posted a follow-up with a PowerShell script to automate this :-) If you find yourself using Remote Desktop to a number of machines then it is well worth checking out Remote Desktop Connection Manager . We’ve been using this in our load testing labs for a long time as it greatly...
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