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  • Blog Post: Entity Framework 5: Controlling automatic query compilation

    When working with LINQ to Entities, Entity Framework has to parse the expression tree from the LINQ query and convert it to SQL. It is possible to save the output of this using CompiledQuery , but this is something that you have to manually code. One of the new features coming in Entity Framework 5 ...
  • Blog Post: Entity Framework 4: POCO and Foreign Keys in Beta 2 – updates not persisted

    Whilst preparing some demos for a customer session on Entity Framework 4 recently, I was putting together a demo to show how Entity Framework can work with POCO types. The intention was to show code that worked with the automatically generated types and then switch out the types for a POCO implementation...
  • Blog Post: Improving ObjectQuery<T>.Include – Updated

    Having spent some time using the sample from my previous post on ObjectQuery.Include, I’ve encountered a bug! It turns out that the code generates the wrong include string for context.Customers.Include(c => c.Order.SubInclude(o=>o.OrderDetail)) The fix for this is a small change to the BuildString...
  • Blog Post: Improving ObjectQuery<T>.Include

    ** UPDATE: There’s a bug in the code below – see this post for the update! One of the great features of LINQ To SQL and LINQ To Entities is that the queries you write are checked by the compiler, which eliminates typing errors in your query. Unfortunately, the ObjectQuery<T>.Include function...
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