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  • Blog Post: Setting the window title for a command prompt

    Very quick tip in what seems to have become a mini-series ( Part 1 , Part 2 ). I often find myself with a number of command windows open and switching between them can be problematic. To address this I use the “title” command to set the window title, and have found that setting the title to match the...
  • Blog Post: Finding files in your path environment

    Occasionally I’m working at the command prompt and have a utility that is in the path environment, but need to find where the file actually is. So, I wrote a little batch file that does exactly that @echo off echo Searching path for %1 if "%~$PATH:1"=="" goto :notfound echo Found...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell script to clean and zip a directory

    As part of my role I’m often sending sample code to customers. Sometimes this is a small snippet inline in an email, but often it will be a zipped up Visual Studio solution. Simply zipping up the folder as-is ends up including bin and obj directories which bloat the zip. Performing a clean in Visual...
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