June, 2006

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My name is Steven Woodward and I've been at Microsoft since January 1996, a little over 10 years. During those 10 years I have spent most of my time as a Technical Evangelist working with ISV's and the developer community on topics as diverse as TAPI, QoS, Real Time Communications, Windows XP, Active Directory Fedeation Services and now CardSpace. 

Before I joined Microsoft I worked for a small software company based in Guildford, England. There I was both a Project Manager and a Developer, hey it was a small company. We developed software to manage both datacoms and telecoms equipment and I was the guy who wrote the networking protocol stacks to talk to them. So I was a low level protocol guy who ended up doing a consultancy project for Microsoft, and then the small company got bought. Atthe end of 95 I transferred out to Redmond, WA in the good 'ol USA and I've been here ever since. And yes it does rain a lot even compared with England !

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    Gone Phishing !

    Over the last few years we have all experienced the constant barrage of Phishing attacks. These are not only a pain for all of us as end users, as we carefully pick through our email trying to figure out what’s real and what isn’t, but also an unending...
  • Steve's Identity Corner

    To Blog or not to Blog that was the question!

    Well for the longest time I have resisted the temptation to leap into the blogging arena, but no more, the question is answered. My name is Steven Woodward and I am a Technical Evangelist in the Windows Server evangelism team here in Redmond. Within the...
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