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Dirtying my hands in SQL Server

March, 2009

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    Shrinking the Transaction Log files in SQL Server

    Hi Friends! This blog post is mainly to address concerns about increasing log file space, and how to go about to shrink the file. I am adding a priliminary content here as of now, but I will update this content as and when I get time and new content...
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    How to find sizes of all user tables in a database

    Hi Friends! Recently I was asked to write a query that would us us know the sizes of all user tables in a database. Thought of sharing the script; this might be useful to people who would like to know the amount of space being used by each of the tables...
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    SQL Server Agent is unable to come online on a cluster

    Going through Varun's blog on Lock Pages in Memory in SQL Server 64-Bit , I remembered an issue that I had seen very recently. Thought of putting this down in my blog, to help anybody facing a similar issue. This issue happens typically on 32 bit environments;...
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    Working with Multibase Differential Backups

    While working with databases, SQL Server Database Administrators are required to take various types of backups to ensure minimum data loss caused by a failure. Backups include full database backups, file and filegroup backups, differential backups and...
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