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  • Blog Post: Internals of Database Snapshot – Part 3: Snapshot and Mirroring

    In my earlier posts, we have seen how database snapshots work, and how the Buffer Pool is used when we query Snapshot Databases. In this post, we will see how Database Snapshots work, when they are created against Mirrored Databases. Let us assume we have a mirroring setup, as described in the below...
  • Blog Post: INF: How to re-setup Database Mirroring In SQL Server

    One of my friends was asking this to me offline the other day: "I have Database in SQL Server, which is both Mirrored as well as Log Shipped. Log backups happen every 15 minutes; Mirroring happens in Synchronous mode and does not involve a witness. I want to break Mirroring (Remove Mirroring) and...
  • Blog Post: Step-by-step guide to configure Database Mirroring between SQL Server Instances in a Workgroup

    This post is again in response to requests from customers who want to know how to configure Database Mirroring between instances of SQL Server 2005 in a WORKGROUP. As you might have noticed, while configuring Database Mirroring using the GUI, it requires us to enter FQDNs of the servers; hence using...
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