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  • Blog Post: Internals of Database Snapshot – Part 3: Snapshot and Mirroring

    In my earlier posts, we have seen how database snapshots work, and how the Buffer Pool is used when we query Snapshot Databases. In this post, we will see how Database Snapshots work, when they are created against Mirrored Databases. Let us assume we have a mirroring setup, as described in the below...
  • Blog Post: Transaction Log Backup Size in Bulk Logged Recovery Model

    Assume that I have a database in Bulk Logged Recovery Model, and I perform a bulk operation that is minimally logged. Now, if I take a Log Backup, should not my Log Backup File Size be smaller than if I had performed the same operation in Full Recovery Model? I have seen many people confused by this...
  • Blog Post: Revealing the secrets - Truncating a Transaction Log File

    In my earlier blog post on Shrinking the Transaction Log files in SQL Server , I had mentioned that a VLF can be truncated only when all transactions, that have at least one command written into the specified VLF have either been committed or rolled back. While this is true, I understand that it might...
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