I reviewed my experience of making WP7 apps with AppMakr and I was pretty excited about the technology. However, it seems that their support for WP7 is sorely lacking. There is currently a showstopper bug that apps are getting rejected on.  Many people have commented on the AppMakr forums about hitting this bug. The ads also don't work, so no monetization if you want to provide your app for free. Bugs on these were filed over a month ago with zero traction.

I did have a couple of apps make it through the marketplace and I get a fair number of downloads and decent reviews. However, with the two problems I list above, I am dropping further use of AppMakr.  I may check back in a few months to see if the bugs are fixed, but I worry that as people stop using AppMakr because they can't ship their apps that AppMakr will take that as a sign of lack of interest.