A month or so ago, I was re-orged to the Windows Phone team. My main job in the Developer Division was to research the Mobile Phone Developer experience. I had worked pretty evenly with people in DevDiv and in WP, so I always thought my job could be done in either organization. Well, now I'm doing my same job from the "other side", which basically means not much change to my main focus, and getting rid of extraneous projects that didn't relate to phone development. Our windows phone developer ux team is currently articulating our little group's vision and figuring out where the biggest gaps are in user experience - resulting in what we will focus our research and design efforts on. 

With switching teams, I now sit in an open space instead of my own office. It's a weird transition, but going pretty well. I thought I would be wildly distracted by everyone else, but people are nicely respectful of others. I also sit with the researchers working on the consumer experience. I find it interesting to hear what they are learning and what they are researching. Much of this info would be really useful to our 3rd party developers, but I need to navigate the political waters of what can be shared before divulging that particular information. It is an interesting transition to be around people focused on the consumer rather than everyone being focused on the developer audience. It's also surprising how little others know about the developer experience, so I see a big part of my job as educating them and keeping it on their minds. 

If you're developing Windows Phone apps and want to be on my go-to list for feedback, let me know!