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  • Blog Post: Enumerating SQL Servers

    Continuing with the discussion on enumeration, I will go over ways to enumerate active SQL servers on the network in this blog. Pre-Whidbey, to get list of active servers on the network, we could have done Inter-Op calls to server enumeration APIs in OleDb. If we wanted to write only managed code,we...
  • Blog Post: Using Provider Factories

    There are situation in real world; when you dont want to write code, dependent on just one of the managed provider. This also helps to easily move from using one provider to another if the code design changes in the future. Pre-Whidbey, the only way to do this was to write your own wrapper classes for...
  • Blog Post: Provider Enumeration in Whidbey

    I have been wanting to post for a long time now, and have finally decided to FIGHT my slackness. I will continue with my views on some of the new features in ADO.Net for Whidbey. I will start with talking about a new feature in Whidbey - Provider Enumeration. Pre-Whidbey there was no way to know if a...
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