Suzanne Cook's .NET CLR Notes

Common Language Runtime Developer

July, 2003

  • Suzanne Cook's .NET CLR Notes

    Binding to .NET Frameworks Assemblies

    By "Frameworks assemblies," I mean the assemblies that ship with the CLR. But, I'm not counting mscorlib.dll , since it's special in a different way. With v1.0 SP3 or later, Frameworks assemblies are unified. That means that the version of those assemblies...
  • Suzanne Cook's .NET CLR Notes

    Assembly Identity

    There are two types of assembly identity that the loader deals with: bind-time and after bind-time. The identity is used to determine whether we will consider a certain assembly to be the same thing as an assembly reference or another assembly. Assembly...
  • Suzanne Cook's .NET CLR Notes

    Unloading an Assembly

    There's no way to unload an individual assembly without unloading all of the appdomains containing it. (See here for why not.) This can by done by calling AppDomain.Unload() for each AppDomain that has it loaded. (You could also use UnloadDomain() on...
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