Silverlight 3 Beta has been released today. This release includes a number of exciting new features that I want to illustrate with a series of quick samples on my blog. (more info on Silverlight 3 Beta and how to get the bits and tools).

The first new feature I want to show is Perspective 3D transformation. We have added a powerful new property 'Projection' to UIElement that lets you rotate and move any element in your tree in 3D space! The usage is very simple, no complicated math required - just set the Projection property to a PlaneProjection in XAML or code and specify how you want to rotate or move your elements. You can then change these properties dynamically at runtime, either through code or animations.

<Grid >


    <PlaneProjection RotationX="20" RotationY="30" RotationZ="-10"/>



(More info on Perspective 3D in Silverlight 3 Beta)

Below is a live example of this new feature in action. The source is attached to this post. Note that you need the Silverlight 3 Beta Tools for VS in order to build the project. To view the live sample on this page you just need the Silverlight 3 Beta runtime installed. In the sample I have two surfaces back-to-back to each other, simulating a postcard in 3D space. Use the sliders to rotate the postcard around x, y or z axis. To demonstrate that the projected visuals are actually live and also take input, I have ink-enabled then, so you can draw on either side of the postcard.

The below sample has been update for the Silverlight 3 RTW Runtime (download)