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June, 2004

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    Peeve: Long URL names for RSS feeds

    Request to RSS providers, PLEASE use short feed URLS! If I have a PocketPC or Smartphone with an RSS Reader on it, I'd like to add your feed quickly! :). Having long names makes it a disincentive for mobile device users to read your pages. Example...
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    .Net CF Newbie on Smartphone!

    As some of you may know, I’m in the process of writing an RSS reader for my Microsoft Smartphone 2003. It will be running on Net CF. Since it is an offline RSS reader, I wanted to have the ability to download RSS files for offline reading. So I...
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    Howdy yall!

    Howdy, I'm one of the developers on the Windows Mobile Partner Response Team. I'm interested in a .Net CF development on the side - I'm in the process of writing an offline RSS Reader, and hitting across the features (and limitations :) ) of the framework...
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