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  • Blog Post: Digital Picture Frame now on windowsfordevices.com!

    The good folks over at windowsfordevices.com published my blog entries in a more readable format :). You can check it out here: http://www.windowsfordevices.com/articles/AT8361803439.html
  • Blog Post: Digital Picture Frame Part 2

    Digital Picture Frame (Part 2)! (go read Part 1 if you haven't) Hardware time! I opened up the laptop and folded the LCD back behind the keyboard. When I took apart the Thinkpad, it took me about two hours end-to-end. Later on, I took apart my Dell in a similar amount of time. So it's not that...
  • Blog Post: Digital Picture Frame Part 1

    Digital Picture Frame (Part 1)! I was inspired to create a digital picture frame after seeing the Junktop Revival Wiki as well as Mike Hall 's project . I wanted to reuse one of my old laptops, a Thinkpad, but the issue was that I didn't want a hard drive - a hard drive would just be too noisy...
  • Blog Post: Investment for retail code debugging

    Scenario: The OEM runs hopper, our test app to verify MTTF. The app simulates a user using the device, at a much faster rate. Hopper will uncover deadlocks, Data Aborts, Prefetch Aborts, and other nasty things. When they hit an abort, the OEM may need someone from my team to look at it, in extreme...
  • Blog Post: Digital PictureFrame Info

    Mike Hall recently blogged about me building a digital picture frame. It is true :). I'm going to post some images and some text about it once I write something up - I downloaded BlogJet for that very purpose. It's written in .netCF, running on a custom Windows CE OS. The reason I used Windows CE is...
  • Blog Post: .Net CF Newbie on Smartphone!

    As some of you may know, I’m in the process of writing an RSS reader for my Microsoft Smartphone 2003. It will be running on Net CF. Since it is an offline RSS reader, I wanted to have the ability to download RSS files for offline reading. So I had a function, StartDownloadAll() which would iterate...
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