This new Swiss Academic Team Blog is targeted for students, professors and other faculty of the Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences. Goal of our Blog is to keep Swiss Academia up-to-date about the relevant online resources, product and program updates, competitions, events and other services that Microsoft is offering for the Academia.


Our Academic Team is at your service, please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback. Here is a short introduction of our team and contact information how you can reach us:


Microsoft Switzerland Academic Team Management


Dr. Marc-Alain Steinemann, Lead Academic Relations & Programs

You can reach Marc at:


Sanna Kuusisto, Local Software Economy/Academic Audience Manager

You can reach Sanna at:


Microsoft Switzerland Lead Student Partners


Raphael Bösch, Lead Student Partner, Fribourg

You can reach Raphael at:


Venhar Fejzulahi, Lead Student Partner, St-Gallen

You can reach Venhar at:


Matteo Re Cecconi, Lead Student Partner, Tiscino

You can reach Matteo at:


Alexander Hugelshofer, Lead Student Partner, Zürich

You can reach Alex at:


Milan Kubicek, Lead Student Partner, Bern

You can reach Milan at:


Adam Kortylewski, Lead Student Partner, Basel

You can reach Adam at:  


Juliana Leon, Lead Student Partner, Lausanne

You can reach Juliana at:


Open Position, Lead Student Partner, Geneva

You can reach


Kind regards,


Sanna Kuusisto

Local Software Economy/Academic Audience Manager