Some time ago I was a very active player in a popular MMORPG, and raided from time to time with the others in the game. When we raided and we were more or less successful we always wanted to record a video to share our progress. But at that time I had no software capable of recording the whole raid.  Most freeware was limited to records of 30 seconds and if not, the quality was poor or the program consumed too many resources and made playing impossible. Some of the videos I recorded where even rejected from some video portals because of their poor quality.


I don’t game anymore, but I came across Microsoft Expression Encoder. It brings the “Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture” tool. With it you can capture only parts of your screen or the whole screen. You can record your microphone audio or your speakers directly. To capture a video while playing I would still recommend you at least a dual core, because recording consumes here about 15% of one of my cores(dual core 2,2GHz) but only 50MB ram. The only resource which will limit your recordings is your hard drive space, because a 6 minutes recording (1440x860(cropped taskbar)  at 25 frames)  in raw format is already 550MB. 


After your raid is finished you can open the recorded raw file in Expression Encoder and  add an audio track, crop the video and encode it to a more usable format, for example to an mp4. You can also add a video overlay, for example your raid group logo.  My 6 minutes video recording of about 550MB is after transcoding to mp4 (same resolution and frame rate) only 80MB.  For more video editing I would suggest “Windows Live Movie Maker” which is available for free


Happy Raiding



As a Student you can get Expression Studio Ultimate  from Dreamspark .

Otherwise you can get the free version of Expression Encoder which can record up to 10 minutes or  a 60 days trail for the whole Expression Studio Ultimate

Expression Studio Ultimate brings also Expression Web, Expression Blend and Expression Design.