Hi there today we start with a new Blog Category, App of the Week.

From now on to all eternity you will get each Monday a short review from our team about one of our favourite WP7 and later this year maybe also about our favourite Windows 8 apps.

We will start with Legend Of Descent.

Legend of Descent is a classically hack and slay game. Your hero has to explore a deep and dark dungeon and fight evil daemons, elementals and (of course) skeletons.

You can select between 3 difficulties, and believe me even in easy it’s possible to die after the first few levels.

You’ll start with a default equipment suitable for a rouge or a warrior, but soon you’ll loot your first wand or your first magical sword  and as usual you get addicted to looting everything, and it is really useful to loot everything.

If you don’t need an item you can sell it to the merchant you can find on each floor,  or purchase cool item improvements from the enchanter or the blacksmith.

On each dungeon floor you get up to three quest which will reward you with extra experience and gold.

As soon as your character reaches a new level you’ll get ability points, which you can invest in cool spells like fireballs, frost bolts , lightning bolts, heals and sprints, the amount of ability points is restricted and the spells getting more expensive with the time, so you should think twice before you learn a new spell.

When you reach level 5 you can chose your class between rouge, mage and warrior which will provide you with improved stats.


Every dungeon level the evil creatures will grow stronger and the loot gets more interesting.


Legend of Descent is one of the best available role play games available for the WP7 and is ideal for playing in the train or in the buss.

The only thing missing is a story, but who needs a story in hack and slay game?

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You can find Legend on Descent in the WP7 Marketplace http://www.windowsphone.com/de-CH/apps/9e0d80d9-6f7b-4c37-808e-68e270dde4f0 



Patrick von Reth

Lead Student Partner Basel