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Try out the DeepZoom app on our Shape Website

Try out the DeepZoom app on our Shape Website

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On 26 November, Shape - The Web Conference will deliver a series of technical breakout sessions around topics that have been announced at PDC this week. Silverlight 2.0 is one of 10 sessions waiting for you, next to Cloud Computing, Internet Explorer 8, Live Mesh and many more.

Try out the DeepZoom Application we have built on our Shape Website: click yourself into the Full Screen mode, check out the technical agenda and all the stuff that we have built into the app.  And don’t forget to register, seats are limited and we are already at 200 registrations!

DeepZoom FullScreen Agenda Technical Day DeepZoom

  • In this issue: John Stockton, Pierlag, Mel Lota, Ning Zhang, Carole Snyder, Martin Grayson, Jesse Liberty

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