Video - Building Offline Enabled Applications

Video - Building Offline Enabled Applications

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At TechEd 2008 Developers in Orlando a number of our mobility specialists and Microsoft MVP's got together to discuss the concept of building offline applications for mobile and remote users.  In this panel we discussed various concepts including optimizing data synchronization, scalability as well as techniques to improve the user experience of your mobile applications. 

You can view this video recording in various formats here:  

                 Building Offline Enabled Applications [MP4] [WMV Hi] [WMV Lo]

Panel Members:

  • Ginny Caughey - Microsoft MVP, Wasteworks
  • Steve Lasker - Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft SQL Server Compact
  • Rob Tiffany - Microsoft Mobility Architect
  • Rob Relyea - Architect, WPF Team
  • Liam Cavanagh - Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft Sync Framework
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