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January, 2007

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    Demo III: Offline Application – WebService

    The N-Tier demo has finally arrived. This demo shows you how to take the server side code, basically the ServerSyncProvider along with all SyncAdapters that we build in the last demo, and expose it as a web service. On the client side, you generate a...
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    Demo I: Offline Application – SyncAdapterBuilder

    This is the first demo application to demonstrate building offline application using Synchronization Services for ADO.NET framework. I have more demo ideas in mind and I will post more demos in the following weeks. Feel free to make any suggestions ....
  • The Synchronizer

    Demo II: Offline Application – TSQL+SProc

    In the first demo, I showed you how to quickly build an offline application by using SyncAdapterBuilder to generate db commands needed for bidirectional sync on the server side. For the client side, we did not have to do anything except defining the tables...
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    Welcome to my blog

    Hi there, I'd like to welcome visitors to my blog. In this space, i will be posting all sort of information about synchronization technologies having worked in sync and replication for the last 5 years. Originally in windows where i helped build the next...
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