This is the first demo application to demonstrate building offline application using Synchronization Services for ADO.NET framework. I have more demo ideas in mind and I will post more demos in the following weeks. Feel free to make any suggestions ..

Download the CTP: Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET CTP release

Overview of the demo

The demo shows how to build offline application using Synchronization Services for ADO.NET library. In this sample, two tables (orders, order_details) are at the server database and we would like to take the content offline and make some updates to client and server content then synchronize the changes.

What is demonstrated in this sample?

  • Two-Tier sync scenario where client have direct access to server database through ADO connection object
  • Setting up the server tables for bidirectional sync
  • Using SqlSyncAdapterBuilder to create SyncAdapter for each table we want to sync
  • Using SQLCE to cache content on the client
  • Showing sync progress

What is not demonstrated in this sample?

  • N-Tier scenrio where the client connects to middle tear and does not have access to the server DB
  • Handling Conflicts
  • Manual creation of the SyncAdapter objects
  • Creating custom schema on the server
  • Inspecting inflight DataSet (for any custom logic, auditing..etc)

How to install OfflineAppDemo application?

  1. Fire SQL server and load demo.sql file
  2. Execute the script until the "test sample" marker
  3. Load VS solution (OfflineAppDemo-Builder Project)
  4. Build the project
  5. You are ready to go

Download Sample

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