Hi there,

I'd like to welcome visitors to my blog. In this space, i will be posting all sort of information about synchronization technologies having worked in sync and replication for the last 5 years. Originally in windows where i helped build the next generation File Replication engine and now in SQL team working in merge and ADO.NET sync services among other new and fascinating projects. I am excited and if you are developing sync or offline applications you should be excited too as a brave new world is about to emerge for sync developers ... enjoy.

Rafik Robeal


Update: Just to let you know, I left Microsoft to start a new company, Raveable Hotel Reviews. See examples: Top 10 Hotels in Myrtle Beach, Best Hotels in New York City, Romantic Hotels in Seattle, Hotels with a kitchen or kitchenette and Top 10 Hotels in San Francisco. Your feedback is welcome on twitter.com/raveable, raveable blog.