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March, 2007

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    Demo VI: Decoupling of Change Tracking Metadata

    New demo for sync lovers! This one is interesting though as it is an attempt to address a critical customer satisifaction issue. As you know, change tracking is the process of maintaing information about changes to data rows such that incremetal changes...
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    Deep in Sync: Handling PK-FK Constraints

    Roger Jennings in his most recent blog post asked an interesting question on how sync services deal with one-to-many relationship between tables undergoing synchronization? Roger is the most active blogger I know of and he is watching sync services closely...
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    Sync Designer in Orcas

    Cool stuff gets attention from everyone! This is especially true with the Sync Designer in Orcas. The Visutal Sutido team has done a great job enabling developers to put Synchronization Services API to work in their data application quickly and hassle...
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    CodeProject Article on Sync Services

    I thought about introducing the sync framework to a wider audience of developers. CodeProject is my favorite code sharing site, I’ve been a member for almost six years now. I remember when I first joined it was really small, but growing rapidly and I...
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    Demo V: OfflineApplication – Oracle Backend

    One of the design goals of Sync Services framework is to enable heterogeneous database in the backend. That explains the open design of the DbServerSyncProvider class. If you haven’t noticed already all the commands supplied to the provider and SyncAdapters...
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    Sync Demos Write Up

    Now that you have seen the sync services demos and hopefully enjoyed them, it is time to add some documentation on the goal of each demo and what part of the technology it highlighted along with some code annotation for the areas of interest. To do that...
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