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November, 2007

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    Big News: Microsoft Sync Framework is Out!

    Today in DevConnections (Vegas) and TechEd (Europe) we are unveiling the complete sync framework. We have been working on this framework for a long time now and today is the day to tell everyone about what we have built. Well, let me tell you that you...
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    Sync Services for ADO.NET RTM

    I am sure you know that Visual Studio 2008 is released. That was last week, I know, old news! Well, I am sure that you also know that VS 2008 contains the new sync designer along with SQL Compact 3.5 RTM. I am sure you got board by now, but hold on, let...
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    SyncToy: Sync Power Toy for Your Toolbox

    You probably have heard about SyncToy already and might have tried it before. Well, if not, you should. Let me tell you why this tool is among the top fifty downloads from Microsoft: it is simple, elegant, and very very useful. It allows you to easily...
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    DevConnections Impressions

    As I am writing those lines, I am waiting for my flight to Seattle after attending DevConnections conference in Las Vegas. My flight is delayed for an hour; as usual, nothing new here. On-time flights are not common nowadays. I am trying not to complain...
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    Two Fine Articles

    DevConnections attendees got a copy of the code magazine that has two really good articles on the sync framework. If you don’t have access to the magazine, well, no worries I have the links posted here: Introducing the Microsoft Sync Framework: Next...
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    Milind Lele on Sync Designer in VS 2008

    One of my favorite experiences while building the sync framework is partnering with other teams. Some teams would want to use the framework other teams help us builds part of the product and finally those who help improve the developer experience by lowering...
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