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December, 2007

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    Year in Review: Social Networking, RIA Frameworks, and iPhone

    It is a rather slow week as most people are off on vacations. A quite time at the end of one year and beginning of another gives me an opportunity to pose a few questions and share my thoughts with you. One question is about the key highlights of this...
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    What’s new in Sync Services for ADO.NET 2.0?

    As you know we’ve released the V1.0 of Sync Services for ADO.NET as a standalone package. It is also bundled with Visual Studio 2008 with additional Sync Designer experience. Sync Services is one component in a comprehensive sync platform offering from...
  • The Synchronizer

    Demo VIII: Batching Changes in Sync Services

    I finally got to sit down and prepare my next demo application in the OfflineApplication series. This one shows you some neat feature that we added to the runtime a little bit after Beta 2 release. Your feedback was the driving force for including batching...
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    Synchronizeable Web

    Our understanding of the web and its potential seems to be continuously evolving. Initially ecommerce captured the hearts and minds of people, then came search, blogging, wikis, social networking, web platforms like Live and Facebook, software as a service...
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