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January, 2008

  • The Synchronizer

    Change Tracking for the Masses

    I admit that writing your own change tracking logic for each table you want to synchronize is a little bit annoying and suboptimal experience at best. Not just that, adding triggers affects the performance of DML operation negatively. You also need to...
  • The Synchronizer

    Sharing Application Samples

    I originally authored the offline application line of samples to show off the different features of Sync Services. My main goal back then was to provide you with a quick start guide such that you can get into sync quickly. The series of demos has grown...
  • The Synchronizer

    Hey You, Care to Share!?

    I spent years building sync solutions in Microsoft! I loved it! Sync and replication logic is so challenging and that is very appealing to me. In learning about sync algorithms, I’ve gone into several phases. First, I learned about how to debug customer...
  • The Synchronizer

    Opportunity Knocks

    This blog has been phenomenal. Through it I was introduced to so many of you whom I have corresponded with for building sync solutions. Now it is time for me to invite you to work with me in my new tenure at Microsoft. I recently joined Mobile Services...
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