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  • Blog Post: Metadata is the Hart and Sole of Peer Sync

    Occasionally, I receive questions about using SQL Change Tracking with PeerSyncProvider. People who examine SQL Change Tracking in preview version of SQL Server 2008 have become fans rather quickly and see the value of using it. Using change tracking with ServerSyncProvider scenarios is a piece of cake...
  • Blog Post: Unleash the power of Peer Sync Provider

    The term 'peer' or more commonly 'peer to peer' leads people to think about sharing and collaboration scenarios. That's good. One of the most common peer to peer applications that quickly jumps to mind is file sharing which became rather popular in the recent years and led to illegal sharing of copy...
  • Blog Post: Sharing Application Samples

    I originally authored the offline application line of samples to show off the different features of Sync Services. My main goal back then was to provide you with a quick start guide such that you can get into sync quickly. The series of demos has grown to up to eight demos, so as the rate of positive...
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