This is a demonstration of using Microsoft Silverlight to view Mindjet MindManager Maps.

You can dowload the source code from here:

Join the Groove Workspace below to to get the source code for a windows client application that converts Mindjet MindManager Maps to Silverlight applications that you can then upload to as a streaming application.

Groove Workspace 

If you want to participate in extending the demo, I have setup a Groove Workspace for the project:

Michael Scherotter/Microsoft  has invited you to join a Groove workspace called "SilverlightMap".


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Revision History

  • 5/28/2008 Updated Groove invite 
  • 5/7/2008 Updated Groove invite 
  • 3/1/2008 Updated Groove invite 
  • 1/28/2008 Updated Groove invite 
  • 9/25/2007 Updated Groove invite 
  • 8/21/2007 Updated Groove invite 
  • 5/28/2007 Added Priority Icons 
  • 5/18/2007 Added Notes 
  • 5/7/2007 Added Relationships 
  • 5/5/2007 Added Full screen button to upper right of map view. 
  • 5/5/2007 Added a Test button to the interface and fixed some layout problems when expanding/collapsing the map