A few months ago, I create a Microsoft Office Groove 2007 to share the source code for my SilverlightMap project: code to transform a Mindjet MindManager Map into a Silverlight Streaming Application hosted on silverlight.live.com.  For those of you who don't know Groove is Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer workspace solution.  I find it very useful for putting together ad-hoc workgroups or working with my distributed team, since I am in the field (work at home and travel).   

Last month, Hugh Pyle, posted Silverlight in Groove about how to put the Silverlight control inside of a Groove Form.  It was obvious to me what I needed to try next: put the Silverlight Map control in a Silverlight form to share maps via a Groove Workspace.  Following Hugh's guidelines, I was able to get a Silverlight control in a Groove form.  It was clear to me that I could modify the uploader that I built to use a Groove Web Services to insert the Map's XAML into a Groove record.  What wasn't clear was where I would put the images, video, and audio that were part of the MindManager Map so that they would be visible in the Silverlight Map and part of the Groove Space.  If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them.  If you want an invite to the Groove Workspace for the SilverlightMap project, please send me a message.