I just posted the recording of the webinar that I did today showing a Word 2007 Add-in that creates WPF Flow Documents (using the FlowDocument class):


Here's an example of where I've used it to create a FlowDocument of a Whitepaper.

Here's what it demonstrates:

  1. How to use the new Ribbon designer to create Office 2007 Add-ins in Visual Studio 2008
  2. How to add buttons to existing menus in Word 2007
  3. How to use LINQ to XML
  4. How to use default properties in a class
  5. Saving settings in an application manifest
  6. Accessing the Open XML Format Word ML from the Word Object Model
  7. How to use XSL to transform Open XML to XAML
  8. Click-once deployment and updating of Office Add-ins
  9. Sharing projects via Popfly

If you want to download the source code, go to Popfly.ms and look for the WordFlowDocumentCreator project.  Add me (MS-Synergist) as a friend while you're at it.

Here are links to all of my recorded webinars if you want to watch them as well.