I have been browsing through the Zune desktop software that I installed with my new Zune that I wanted to know more about an artist that I met recently.  Here's what I found after typing in his name in the Zune Marketplace:


I listened to some clips from Ice Cube's most recent album, Laugh Now, Cry Later.  I love the lyric "Thank God for Russell Simmons" in Why We Thugs., being a fan of Def Poetry on HBO.  I then clicked on the bio above Cube's photo to learn more about him.  One of the interesting things that I read was that went to Phoenix, Arizona to study architectural drafting in 1987.  What a coincidence!  I studied architecture in Tucson, Arizona.  Now I have something else besides Silverlight to talk to him about the next time I see him.  Thank you Zune Marketplace.