If you remember last year when Google announced OpenSocial, I created a simple application for Orkut (Google's OpenSocial container built with ASP.Net) that showed how to put Silverlight into an OpenSocial application.  Well, a few days ago, MySpace announced their implementation of an OpenSocial container for developers and I had to try putting the application that I built earlier into it.  Well, with just a few modifications to the code, it worked! Because MySpace is built on, it was a straightforward exercise for them to implement web services using WCF. 

The promise of OpenSocial is that anybody can create an application using a single API and host that application on multiple OpenSocial container applications.  I just proved that that idea worked!  Great job MySpace and Google!  People have been asking how to get Silverlight applications into MySpace and now you've provided a way to do it.  Thank you!