Yesterday at Mix, I gave a short demo at the Silverlight and Advertising breakout session of a tool that I built in Silverlight 1.0 to demonstrate how to synchronize video and animation.  My demo starts at 00:59:45 in the breakout session recording which is live now.  I built this demo over the past few months to demonstrate an application for property animation that would actually be very time consuming with tradition frame-based animation.  I will be sharing the source code soon via CodePlex.  If anyone wants the tomato animation XAML beforehand, I can send it to them.

Media Overlay Designer

As I built this application in Silverlight 1.0, my plans now are to convert it to Silverlight 2 and using this demo to show a rich interactive application in development through a series of screencasts and blog posts.  The demo is by no means complete, but more of a proof of concept, so please be gentle on me.